Making Boxes & Enclosures with the Cameo
Friday - Feb - 18
11:00AM - 4:00PM

In this workshop, we’ll introduce the Cameo, a small but mighty table-top cutting machine. Usually used for craft projects like sticker- and stencil-making, we’re going to show you how this machine can also be used to make quick, accurate, and elegant boxes and enclosures for your projects––either as a first-step in prototyping or as your final build––and with a lower footprint so you don't have to jump straight into using more expensive and high-waste materials!

see you there
Simone & Lizzy
What to bring:

→ We suggest downloading the Silhouette Studio software ahead of time:

→ Laptop if you’d like to stay and play with the Cameo – we’ll stick around until 1:00PM ︎

→ Thin cardboard from your recycling bin, like cereal boxes (optional)

New York University 
4th Floor
370 Jay street, 11201
Brooklyn, NY
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