Hi Everyone,Excited to announce the
Spring show poster marathon!
This Saturday - April 10th
11:500AM - 4:00PM

This year, we will host a Design-A-Thon led by the Design Lab towards the end of the design process to offer a final boost for your designs before the deadline.
*The workshop will be most beneficial to those who already have an image in mind and have started to play with a layout and/or their design arrangements

Zoom link + Floor studio:
TBA - we will have a room / a few tables set with some books/references and good music :)

see you there
design lab team and the spring show team!
11:50 - Intro and Hallo's
12:00-12:30 - Opening keynote: Katherine Dillon
12:30-12:45 - Design brief and Information  w.lizzy
13:00 - open studio STUDIO WORK TIME
We're going to put on some nice music, and work.
If you want to have your camera on/off  - up to you :)
We will be available for questions, and the idea is that everybody can hear and participate in the feedback as wanted.

On the floor + Zoom: w. Dana
Room 1: Concept development
  • References
  • Ideation
  • visual language

Zoom:  w.Lizzy
Room 2: Design execution
  • Layout
  • Hierarchy
  • visual language

3:00-4:00 -  Feedback session:
With 2 special guests.

New York University 
4th Floor
370 Jay street, 11201
Brooklyn, NY
write us - we would love to hear your feedback