GIF of 7 people, 4 people standing behind 3 people. The names from top left going clockwise are Suraj, Eden, Vesper, Rue, Apoorva, Bei, and Lifei.

Eden Chinn

How can I best support you?
Adobe CC, print design, documentation, presentation strategies, ideation, concept development, research

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Akshita Bawa

How can I best support you?
Design (Information, UI/UX, Speculative, Research, Game), Wearable Technology, 100 days, Project and Concept Development, History, Memoirs, Hindustani Art and Culture or anything else you want to talk about!

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Michael Zhou

How can I best support you?
Anything Graphic design, typography, layout, design critique, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Sketch.

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Ruhsona Fayzullaeva

How can I best support you?
Wireframing, Storyboarding, Visualization, Figma Prototyping, Surveying, User Research, Personas... anything UX related.
Color Theory, Layout, Typography, Design patterns... anything UI related.

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Lifei Wang 

How can I best support you?

I can help you with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, 3D modeling and any fabrication related question (laser cutting, 3D printing, Othermill and CNC…)

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Vesper Guo

How can I best support you?
Software (Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Aero, Resolume Arena, OBS), projection mapping, Web Socket, HTML & CSS, concept development.

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Suraj Barthy

How can I best support you?
Design - Personal Projects, Documentation, Concept Development, Accessibility, Interaction Design, Information Design, Usability Testing, Research, Motion Design, Video Editing, Sound Design
Tools - Cinema4D, Figma, Unity, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, FMOD Studio, Logic
Code - Processing, p5.js, Websockets, Node, Live Coding, Github
PhysComp - Arduino, Leap Motion Controller, CNC, Laser cutting, Prototyping

Also love to talk about time, life, and now. 🌞

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Bei Hu

How can I best support you?
I would love to help you with Graphic Design, UI UX Design, Book Design, Typography, Visual Identity Design, and Jewelry Design. I also draw pretty well, so reach out to me if you need help with drawing, sketching, or illustration.

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Apoorva Avadhana

How can I best support you?
Digital Accessibility, Design Research, "How do I start this design project?", Quantitative research for design, UX Evaluation and Review, Service Design

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Nina Chu

How can I best support you?
  • UX/UI (Figma, Prototyping, Wireframing, User Research, Design Process)
  • Design (Adobe Illustrator, composition, layout, critique, concept development)
  • Portfolio (Layout, Documentation, Storytelling, HTML/CSS, advice)

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