The Design Lab is a student-run organization where NYU students can get help, find resources, build skills and gain confidence. The Design Lab is a space for creative collaboration and idea sharing.

Drop-in hours where you can meet Design lab leaders and ask about anything related to your design process or needs including
  1. Concept development
  2. Design ideation
  3. Software skills
  4. Visual inspiration and references
  5. Typography and Layout
  6. UX frameworks
  7. Design outputs

Skill Building Workshops

  1. A library of design 101 software tutorials including: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Figma and more.
  2. Weekly workshops to support class and project needs and empower students with design skills.
  3. Cheat sheets including shortcuts, tips and work flow methods that will expand your tool belt

Resources and news

  1. A list of platforms and software offered to students for free or at a discount.
  2. An inspiring and dynamic portfolio of projects, blogs and news. We will be posting on a weekly basis and encourage our community to share their work and inspiration.

We are a student-run organization.

We love everything about design and we are eager to share our knowledge and learn from our community.  We strive to create open dialogue and discussion in order to empower students to better integrate design into any project and build confidence in their style and skills.

The Design Lab will be a space to talk about design, share ideas and inspiration and support student creativity in a constructive and helpful way. 

Katherine Dillion

Tuan Huang
Suraj Barthy

Please write us at

if you have any questions, suggestions or if you might want to join our team.

Drop-in hours can also be booked by clicking here.

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