The Design Lab is a student-run organization where NYU students can get help, find resources, build skills and gain confidence. The Design Lab is a space for creative collaboration and idea sharing.

Office hours where you can meet Design lab leaders and ask about anything related to your design process or needs including

  • Concept development
  • Design ideation
  • Software skills
  • Visual inspiration and references
  • Typography and Layout
  • UX frameworks
  • Design outputs

Skill Building Workshops

  • A library of design 101 software tutorials including: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Figma and more.
  • Weekly workshops to support class and project needs and empower students with design skills.
  • Cheat sheets including shortcuts, tips and work flow methods that will expand your tool belt

Resources and news

  • A list of platforms and software offered to students for free or at a discount.
  • An inspiring and dynamic portfolio of projects, blogs and news. We will be posting on a weekly basis and encourage our community to share their work and inspiration.

We are a student-run organization.

We love everything about design and we are eager to share our knowledge and learn from our community.  We strive to create open dialogue and discussion in order to empower students to better integrate design into any project and build confidence in their style and skills.

The Design Lab will be a space to talk about design, share ideas and inspiration and support student creativity in a constructive and helpful way. 

Katherine Dillion

Dana Elkis
Lizzy Chiappini
Simone Salvo  Christina Dacanay
James Baffour
Shira Seri Levi

Please write us at if you have any questions, suggestions or if you might want to join our team

Introduction to SketchUp

Nov 10, 2021

What is SketchUp
When to/not to us it
How to download
Basic shapes
Simple layouts 

Join us this Friday for the Winter Show Poster DESIGN-A-THON!

Refining a design from Visual Language? Starting from scratch? Work alone or in a group. Stop by or stay the whole time. All are welcome to join us for a fun afternoon creative sprint!

We’ll be offering feedback and support as needed to help you wrap up and submit your poster design for consideration.

When: Friday, 10/22, 12–3pm

Where: The Design Lab (Between the North side faculty offices & the Coding Lab)

Design Brief
For this year’s Winter Show poster design, we are inspired by topics like physicality, connectedness, shared space, and celebration. We’re looking for a strong conceptual design that communicates the ITP/IMA ethos. We would like to see the more humanistic side of our community and less wires, breadboards, and LEDs. A successful poster will offer a compelling visual in harmony with all the requisite textual information.

Poster design has been around for a very long time, but was made available to the mass market in the 1880s with the birth of the lithographic poster and continues to change today with new technologies. We encourage you to pay a visit to iconic posters and use them as a source of inspiration for your design.
💡 A brief history of poster design
💡 Cooper Hewitt Poster Archive

Key Dates
10/22 Design-a-thon (attendance is not mandatory for submitting a design)
11/5 Submissions due
11/12 Winning design announced!

Fall 2021 Workshops 
12-1:00pm weekly in the Conference Room

Hosted by the Design Lab mentors 

5 (or less) Easy Steps: Blend Tool Illustraor 
October 1, 2021

New York University 
4th Floor
370 Jay street, 11201
Brooklyn, NY
write us - we would love to hear your feedback