Suraj Barthy

How can I best support you?
Design - Personal Projects, Documentation, Concept Development, Accessibility, Interaction Design, Information Design, Usability Testing, Research, Motion Design, Video Editing, Sound Design
Tools - Cinema4D, Figma, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, FMOD Studio, Logic
Code - Processing, p5.js, Websockets, Node, Live Coding, Github
PhysComp - Arduino, Leap Motion Controller, CNC, Laser cutting, Prototyping

Also love to talk about time, life, and now. 🌞

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Tuan Huang

How can I best support you?
Design -Graphic Design, Design Critique, Digital/ Analog Publication, Web Design, Front-end Development...anything design related!
Tools - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere, Lightroom, Figma
Code - front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS), p5.js, three.js, react.js, Github

Also love love love books!

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Ruhsona Fayzullaeva

How can I best support you?
Wireframing, Storyboarding, Visualization, Figma Prototyping, Surveying, User Research, Personas... anything UX related.
Color Theory, Layout, Typography, Design patterns... anything UI related.

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Apoorva Avadhana

How can I best support you?
Digital Accessibility, Design Research, "How do I start this design project?", Quantitative research for design, UX Evaluation and Review, Service Design

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Chanyanuch Aiemruksa (Proud)

How can I best support you?
Design - Ideation, design concept, Graphic design, design critique, Publication, Installation, Brand Identity, Design foundation (color theory, pattern, layout, Typo) | Figma Wireframing, Storyboarding, Visualization, Figma Prototyping
Basically, anything in Graphic and UI related.
Note - would love to support you if you need help with rounding up or bouncing ideas and making it concrete
and guide you through "what's next?" in your project.
Tools - Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign), Figma

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Tom Xia

How can I best support you?
Adobe Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
3D Design & Modeling - Rhino, Blender, Fusion360, Spline
Fabrication -
 Laser cutting, 3D printing

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Caroline Nivetha

How can I best support you?
Inclusive design & research, Accessibility, Designing for social impact, UX (User Experience), Design research, How do I include/plan for research?, Translating research findings into your work, Testing your work, Documenting and presenting your research

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Qashka Rulino

How can I best support you?
Graphic design, Adobe Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects), Figma, ideating and brainstorming, illustration, branding, animation and motion graphics, typography, product design, stories and storytelling, print design, and colors

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Jasmine Nackash

How can I best support you?
Design - Everything graphic design! Web design, game design, print design, typography, UX/UI, concept development & ideation, branding, illustration, layout & composition, presentation advice
Software - Adobe CC, Figma, Webflow, Unity
Code -
 front-end HTML, CSS (and some JS), C# (unity)

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